Friday, 21 September 2012

Thank you Mr Horan

Tamaki Intermediate School
80A Tripoli Road

20th  September 2012

Tamaki Intermediate

Dear Mr Horan

My name is Elizabeth. Thank you very much for organising this trip to Wellington for our school. We had a lot of fun.

When I first heard we were going to Wellington I was the happiest person on earth. The day we left, I couldn’t believe that we were actually going  to Wellington.I felt like I was just dreaming. When we arrived in Wellington I was over the moon even when we went on trips.

Going on the ferry to Picton was an amazing experience. I thought I wouldn’t get sea sick but when we came back I start spewing and that was what ruined the trip.

Learning what they do in Parliament was so interesting. I was so shocked meeting the Speaker of the House because I wasn’t  expecting seeing him, only Sam Lotu-liga.

When we entered the planetarium and learned about  space, I was impressed.   

This trip was a great opportunity for us students to learn about  Wellington. It was an a lifetime  experience.

Yours sincerely


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